Specializing in Individuals, Couples, and Family Therapy


I assist adolescent and adult individuals in addressing issues including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, women's issues, perfectionism, loss, trauma, and life transitions. I also provide clients with support in the form of life planning, parent coaching and the development of self-identity / self-esteem.


I help clients understand issues in the larger context of their lives, and help clients address negative beliefs or maladaptive patterns of behavior, and replace those with new, positive, and healthy ways of thinking and living.


 In a safe, supportive and neutral environment, I can help couples explore problems from a new perspective,  learn ways to recognize and resolve conflict, and communicate with each other with trust and understanding. I use evidence-based practices to help couples:


-improve communication


-decrease emotional avoidance


-modify dysfunctional behavior


-strengthen friendship and intimacy


-build upon existing strengths within relationship



I believe relationships are the context in which change occurs, and good communication is the tool which facilitates this change. In therapy, I help families  look at problems from a systemic perspective, and help my clients identify patterns of resiliency, coping skills, and personal strengths they may not be aware are already in place. I utilize interventions from solution-focused therapy to rebuild relationship foundations, and to strengthen healthy emotional expression within families.


Every family has their own unique challenges to address, and I can help families to address negative alliances, improve communication and strengthen support systems in a safe, supportive and neutral environment. I help families build upon their strengths, and get “unstuck” in the problem cycle they feel trapped in. Examples of issues I frequently treat with families are: anxiety/depression, trauma, self harm, behavioral issues, substance abuse and marital conflict.